What are the New Influencer Marketing Services?


Influence marketing is a new type of marketing used by persons who prefer to market by digital means. In the old days, marketing was forced upon people. It was inserted into our favorite television and radio show. There was no real contact between the population and the companies that produced it. Viewers just accepted it as a part of life and didn’t question the information they were given.

Today that has changed dramatically. Our audiences demand contact in the form of conversation and knowledge. They do research to find the products that work best for them and then use word of mouth to tell of their satisfaction or dislike for those products. Companies are expected to have a dialog with buyers, to make them feel welcome. While a small business may have difficulty with the new marketing there are marketing services to help them get on track and stay there.

Influencer marketing does this by focusing on certain key people also called the target audience. This target audience then spreads the word. Companies have been known to either grow or close due to their ability to reach this population. Today a company can hire other businesses that offer individual services intended to identify or reach this population. Let’s look at the top three services provided by various enterprises and the people behind the development of those services.


1) Branding and Communication

Branding is a story that explains the values and core beliefs of a company. It can be a logo or a story but no matter what form it takes it’s critical to get this message out to the public. The purpose of branding is to help drive people to a website or blog where they first become friends with a new goal of developing trust among the visitors. The next stage involves turning those new friends into customers.

In this type of service, the top influencer is undoubtedly Seth Godin. Not only has Mr. Godin written numerous books on the subject of marketing and branding. He feels that with the end of television marketing companies no longer have the power to command what consumers are to believe. Instead, he believes that companies now have a duty to users to tell only the truth, to not spam and to engage customers with remarkable content. This influencer marketing service is not only a new way to market but one that is vital and if done properly can drive a small company into the top reaches of the market.

2) Demographics and Finding the Target Audience

Knowing the target market is critical in the new digital marketing. Digital communications can now reach people all over the world, but not all people are going to care about a company’s product. The company can waste a lot of time and money trying to reach everyone, or they can determine who it is that is interested. A new music format might appeal to the youth market while an older market may prefer a new product designed to encourage mobility. While these examples may seem obvious, not all the goods and service are readily joined to a given group.

Enter Neil Patel a US-based entrepreneur. Neil began in the digital market at the age of 15, and that first company did not succeed. However, today he is well-known for programs designed to find out just who that target group is and what they want in terms of interaction.


He does this through software that collects the demographic of visitors to a website. His software doesn’t just collect demographic information it also determines how visitors interact with that site allowing the company to drop or insert information, or communications with their target group. He also wrote a great deal on the subject, and many of his articles can be found in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Tech Crunch just to name a few. It is definitely to a small businesses benefit to search for and read these articles.

3) Communications and Networking

Communication with a network is what it’s all about in today’s digital marketing. Marketers no longer have the ability to demand that their audience act in a certain way. Today the power lies with the consumers who spread the word among their networks. It has become vital that individuals can connect to a company of their choice. If they don’t like what that company has to offer or the way that company communicates with them that company won’t survive for long.

Perhaps the greatest influencer in this area is Sean Gardner. Mr. Gardner firmly believes in “Networking without borders”. This means that he refuses to allow anything to get in his way when connecting with the people who can help grow his network. There is little doubt that he can do this and that he can teach others to do the same.

Mr. Gardner was ranked number 1 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in 2013. He regularly publishes to Huffington Post and Social Media Week. His articles are informative and have helped many also to reach their audience through social media.

There you have it the influencer marketing services. By following these three influencers, you can increase your traffic, communications and network in a manner that will help your company soar.